Customer FAQs

How does it work?

Order on the Gyro app, available for both iOS and Android. Simply select your order to be delivered or pick it up yourself. Select your store and build your order. Place your order and pay using your credit card. Once the store receives your order, they'll prepare it and package it. As soon as it's ready, if you selected "Pick Up" you will be notified that your order is ready for collection. Otherwise, a Gyro driver will collect your order and drop it off at your desired location.

What times can I order?

Order times are unique to each and every vendor, and so ordering is dependant on a vendor's operating hours.

Why does Gyro not accept cash?

We only accept card payments in order to provide the most seamless ordering experience. It also helps keep our drivers safe. You can tip your driver with the in-app tipping feature but feel free to tip with cash.

Do I have to tip my driver?

Tipping your driver is totally up to you.

Is there a minimum order amount?

No. Order as much or as little as you want.

Are the prices in the app the same as in the store?

Yes! Unlike other delivery platforms, Gyro prides itself at keeping all products on the platform at in-store pricing.

Can I cancel my order?

So long as the vendor has not yet started preparing your order you can cancel your order.

What if I have allergies?

With each item added to your order, you can leave a custom note for the restaurant.

Vendor FAQs

What does it mean to be a Gyro Partner?

Being a Gyro Partner means that you will be added to our catalogue of brands, retailers and restaurants that appear on our app. Users will only be able to access your menus and items via the Gyro app. All branding will still be independently listed within the app, with your menu items listed at in-store prices. Additionally, you will be able to control your menu, select pick-up and delivery functionality as well as set your preferrred operating hours.

What are the added benefits of using the 'Powered by Gyro' solution?

Powered by Gyro offers your brand a bespoke digital platform to reach your customers in a new way. We create a fully independent application from the ground up, tailored to your business and its needs. Powered By Gyro allows you full control of your own white-labeled application, which we manage and maintain for you, with added functions and features that your business may specifically require.

What do I get with my POS?

You will receive an iPad POS loaded with our Gyro Vendor software. This will allow you to track your orders, control menu items and set your business to 'Offline' when things get too busy. We also supply you with a printer which links to your POS; printing out each order for hard-copy proof of receipt.

What am I charged as a Gyro Partner?

As a Gyro partner, we pride ourselves on offering you the most beneficial, market-competitive rates: Subscription: R600 fixed monthly fee as part of the Gyro Network. This fee includes: - Driver and Client Software - 24-hour maintenance and call-out service. iPad POS rental: R500 per pos Food orders: 5% commission on every basket ordered through the Gyro application. Delivery: 20% of the total delivery amount, with 100% of the tip going to the driver.

What is the pricing of the 'Powered by Gyro' solution?

In opting for the 'Powered By Gyro' business suite, we like to come in and do a full needs assessment of our clients. As a result, every solution is tailored to each client and so we avoid adopting a fixed pricing structure. Please feel free to get in touch with our team so we can get back to you and set up a consultation.

What do I do if I already offer my own delivery?

That's perfect! Allow us to integrate your existing drivers and bikes onto the Gyro Delivery Network. Choose to have your drivers only deliver for your restaurant or even deliver for other restaurants in their down time. Additionally, if your current delivery fleet isn't coping during those really busy times, you can choose to open up your restaurant to the rest of the Gyro Network, allowing for more delivery bikes to service any surplus orders.