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Do what you do best. We'll help where we do best.

Why Partner?

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Fast, reliable, on-demand ordering process.

Scooter - outline

Need delivery or got your own? Our platform will get your products moving to your customers in not time at all.

Got 1 or 100 stores? Gyro scales with your business needs.


Gain insights into your most popular products so you can offer the best to your customers.

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We'll handle all those pesky payments.


Increased revenues from a digital platform that delivers on your brand image in an app-driven world.

Why Partner?

On your way to your first order.

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Sign Up

Interested in becoming a Gyro partner? Get in touch to find out more about the registration process and what you'll need.

Set Up

All we'll need is a few graphics, menus and logos. We'll then come install your custom POS and custom printer

Start Selling

Flick a switch and let the orders roll in. Monitor and control your online orders and menu preferences with the Gyro Vendor app.

Powered by Gyro.

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Your Brand. Your Say.

Need something a little more specific? Our 'Powered by Gyro' solution allows restaurants to create their own apps with their branding whilst retaining all the power of the Gyro platform.

Stay Competitive 

You know your customers best. That's why we aim to transform your current business offering with an elegant, digitised solution that's in-sync with your business operations.

We know apps

Building your own app from scratch can be a toughy. That's why we aim to partner with you in building a technology platform that is reliable, and providing expertise that allows you to dominate in the world of on-demand.

Get your own app
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Register your Business

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